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Unident was founded in 1992 by Marcus and Christian Nordvall, sons of a dentist and a dental hygienist. The company has since then developed into a full-service dental distributor with strong presence across the Nordic region with offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The company's headquarters are located in Falkenberg on the Swedish west coast, with additional offices in Stockholm, Västerås, Horten, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.  


Unident today has approximately +250 employees, and a turnover of SEK +800 million. Unident is part of the Nuent Group which is an expansive dental group owned by Triton. With this strong ownership image, we have a stable foundation to continue driving the development of the dental care industry forward.


Our culture is defined by three well-defined core values, established by our employees. Our values are what guide us in our daily work. They help us make the right choices in various situations, at all levels, and in all types of decisions within our organization. Unident's core values are easy to understand, yet equally fundamental and essential. Our values express our belief in what creates a great workplace for individual and collective growth. A high-performance culture that maximizes the organization's full potential.



As a Uniployee we should always embrace opportunities to learn and improve. We have a strong business mindset and are curious & creative – always with the willingness to change.




As a Uniployee we should always back our customers up. We should gain our customers trust and consistently deliver on our commitments. We should always take ownership and pride in our work and be accountable for our behavior.




As a Uniployee we always believe in the power of working together – as One Unident Team. We know that a strong team will always outperform strong individuals. We are compassionate – always with a smile and a helping hand.


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The many perks of being our colleague

Here's a couple of reasons to why you should choose to work with us!

Collaboration & team work

We value collaboratin and teamwork. We let everyone be involved and make your voice heard. We have regular employee surveys and yearly appraisals.


To work with us mean beeing part of a international and welcoming team. You will find your 250+collegues in 4 countries.  Our customers are all over the Nordic region, and our suppliers all over the world!

Amazing colleagues

Having fun at work is important, and we highly value that. Together, we create a friendly and pleasant environment.

Goals and Transparancy

We beleve that it is more fun to work when you know where you are going.

Thats way all employees have a personal plan for each year and personal targets are conected to the companies goals. 

Celebrating successes

Successes of all kinds are important and worth celebrating! Here, we commemorate them in various ways, big and small.

Flexible working hours

To be able to maintain a good work/life balance we have for most positions flexible working houers. 

Healty lifestyle

We beleve in a healthy and balansed lifestyle and offer subsidised healt benefits. 

Employee Discount

As employed you have a good discount on the full assortment. (More thing than you think will find its way to you bathroom shelf).


Isac Persson

In the role of Warehouse Operator, Isac Persson handles all aspects of warehouse work, including inbound and outbound shipments. Isac also serves as the Team Leader in the warehouse, which involves responsibilities such as coordinating the week by ensuring the right number of employees and providing support for various issues that may arise throughout the day. Specifically, a typical day as a Team Leader, according to Isac, may start with a morning meeting, followed by actively supporting the essential tasks involved in inbound and outbound shipments. The day concludes with some planning. Isac joined Unident in April 2021 and, in addition to his current role, has also assisted and supported the RMA department for a period. Isac highlights that the best aspects of the Warehouse Operator and Team Leader roles are the challenges that motivate him. Regarding Unident as a workplace, he values the camaraderie with colleagues and the communication, which he holds in high regard. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and playing disc golf.

Isac Persson

Linda Duphorn

In her role as Tender Manager and Sales Specialist for Wand, Linda Duphorn is responsible for procurement and for educating, lecturing, and selling Wand, a computer-controlled anesthesia system. Linda has been with Unident since 1998 and has been part of the journey from being a small family-owned company to now being a leading full-service partner in the dental industry in the Nordic region. In addition to her current position, Linda has also worked as a field sales representative and in customer service/inside sales, and she is fundamentally trained as a dental assistant. According to Linda, the best part of her current role is that she gets the best of both worlds, customer interaction through Wand and administrative tasks through enjoyable and challenging procurement responsibilities. She describes Unident as an innovative company that always seeks to advance dentistry, providing development and stimulating tasks for its employees. Linda believes that much of what makes Unident a great workplace is the presence of dedicated and knowledgeable colleagues, a familial atmosphere, a high level of openness, and the enjoyment of working together. Outside of work, Linda enjoys exercising, watching football, spending time with family and friends, and she also makes it a point to go on a skiing holiday each year.

Linda Duphorn

Marcus Marcussen

At Unident ApS, Marcus Marcussen serves as an IOS Trainer, providing crucial IOS support. As a dental technician with 16 years of expertise in CAD/CAM, Marcus has been an integral part of the Unident team since 2022. His dynamic responsibilities primarily revolve around the installation and training of scanners at client sites, aspects of the job that he finds particularly invigorating. Additionally, Marcus is involved in developing and conducting courses for our clients, focusing on scanner-related topics. For Marcus, the standout feature of Unident is the sense of camaraderie among colleagues and the opportunity to contribute to an exceptional team. The synergy of effective teamwork and the innovative products he engages with are key factors that make Unident an excellent workplace. Beyond the professional sphere, Marcus indulges his keen interest in interior design during his leisure time.

Marcus Marcussen

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